More than 200 artists performed at the Frostroses concert in Reykjavík on Tuesday, including European divas Sissel Kirkjebö, Patrica Bardon and Eleftheria Arvanitaki.

This year’s Frostroses concert, held in Iceland for the fifth time, was by far the biggest Christmas concert ever to be held in Iceland. RÚV reports.

Icelandic diva Ragnhildur Gísladóttir and Eivör Pálsdóttir from the Faroe Islands performed along with Sissel Kirkjebö from Norway, Particia Bardon from Ireland and Greek diva Eleftheria Arvanitaki.

Petula Clark, who is by many regarded as the original European diva, sang Silent Night as special guest performer and also O Holy Night in the ensemble chorus.

The concert was broadcast on RUV, Icelandic TV on December 31, 2006.