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BBC 2 9:40:
With a bubble haircut effervescent as a magnum of vintage champagne, and white silk dress slit from the neck to the waist, Petula Clark is my idea of the perfectly sophisticated, sexy lady.

She returned to Britain from las Vegas with a one-woman show, 32 musicians, and four dancers, which mixed all the savoir faire of Continental cabaret with the stardust of American vaudeville.

At least that was my reaction when I saw Pet's first British theatre show in 15 years. You can judge for yourself when the show, recorded at the new London Theatre, is transmitted on BBC 2.

"I'm goin' to give you a good time," she sings. She certainly does that.

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(BBC 2, 9:40)
Nothing minority channel about this show. It has the broad middle of the road appeal that would guarantee audiences of 15 or 16 million on BBC 1 or ITV.

It's not short of stars either. Tonight Petula Clark brings her Las Vegas show to British fans who couldn't get to her tour de force at London's New Theatre earlier in the year.

Those who persist in thinking of Mme. Clark as "our Pet" should be reminded that she considers herself as embodying the qualities of Annie Oakley, Sweet Charity and Mary Magdalene, and consequently numbers tonight include "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun," "Big Spender," and "I Don't Know How to Love Him."