This is Your Life Petula Clark
Volume 1
Guest stars:
  • Jimmy Hanley - an actor who had worked with Petula on a number of early films.
  • Jack Leon - band-leader who had conducted at Petula's first ever radio broadcast of 1942.
  • Moira Lester--actress who was one of Petula's co-stars in the film "White Corridors" and the "Life of Bliss" radio series.
  • Percy Edwards - Also series regular on "Life of Bliss."
  • Two young men who had been part of the children's chorus on "Where Did My Snowman Go."
  • Anthony Newley --via a telephone message from New York.
  • Joe Henderson --Petula's long time friend and musical conductor
  • Bruno Coquatrix --via Eurovision link. French impresario who had coax Petula to France to make her first appearance at the Olympia.
  • Claude and short home movie of Petula, Claude, Barra and Kate
  • Former American GI who had crowned Petula VE Queen during WWII
  • Jack Warner