December 20, 1967

With the Breakaways, Harry      Rabinowitz Orch
Producer: Yvonne Littlewood
25 Mins., Tues., 9:50 p.m

     Petula Clark, who has developed into an international chantoosie without losing her unforced charm, shows her expertese with a variety of ditties in this new skein, and also proves that she can hold the center of the stage without embellishment or distraction. Her songalog, including her latest waxing "The Other Side is Greener" rang the mod changes with ease and her buoyant verve was apparent throughout, despite for the live opener, a bout of throat trouble.
      Producer Yvonne Littlewood used skillful lighting and a simple set to enhance the performer, but erred in trying to put her across in a context of glib sentiment--Miss Clark was effusive about her pleasure at being back in London, as if anyone prevented her form coming at any time--and in a ludicrously interpolated filmed sequence about her experiences shooting "Finian's Rainbow" in Hollywood. This tired fan stuff was like a home movie, with Miss Clark pointing out landmarks--Astaire, Tommy Steele--with the sort of coy enthusiasm that doesn't work outside the family circle.
     Otherwise, it was a potent initialler with less fuss and with more faith in the star's undouted talent to sing without verbal excuses, it will click more resoudingly than any equivalent this season.