Cheeco, Petula's Alsatian, faces up to the camera with a smile, and below Pet gets ready for the first toboggan ride of the season.

Petula Clark
Has been singing for you since she was nine years old

     Petula Clark has been a star for fourteen years, and she is still in her early twenties.
      Yet to Pet, as she is called by her friends, the years that have passed since she made her first broadcast at the age of nine do not seem to add up to fourteen. It seems only yesterday that she put on a pretty new frock and went with her father to a BBC recording at the Criterion Restaurant, London.
      She was to record a message to her uncle who was serving with the forces in the Far East.
      `There were many other children there, the same age as Pet, sending messages to their fathers, uncles and brothers. When they had rehearsed their messages the producer told them they would have tea.
      He asked if any of the children would like to entertain the others, Pet said she would sing. She did, and so well that the producer, Cecil Madden, rearranged the programme so that her song would be heard by the thousands of soldiers, sailors, and airmen listening to the broadcast.
      Pet received her first fan-mail after that broadcast. It was also the beginning of her radio career.
      Television came next. She was one of the first and youngest artists to be given a series when telexision started again after the war.
      Pet is a home-loving girl. She lives quietly with her father and young sister, Barbara, on the banks of the River Thames.
      Barbara and Pet, apart from being sisters, are each other's best friend. Yet they are opposites in personality. Barbara likes tennis and languages, and is very studious. Pet does not like studying. She likes to be going somewhere, or doing something. A favourite pastime is to gallop across the fields on a fast horse and feel the wind beating against her face.
      Although Pet is prepared to work anywhere, any time, the one occasion she insists on being at home is Christmas. The only appearance she agrees to make then is at the Television Christmas party And as soon as it has finished, she dashes home to be with her family and friends.
      Pet's fan-mail is enormous, and now she has a secretary who answers all the letters. But Pet insists on seeing every letter before it is sent off.
      Petula Clark is a star in every sense and tradition of the theatre. She is a young, `old' trouper.

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