7.15 THE
Petula Clark
The Dallas Boys
Pet's Boy Friends of the Week
Orchestrations by
Peter Knight
Orchestra conducted by
George Clouston
Production by Brian Tesler
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The First of a New Series

'My new show,' says Petula Clark will be very much like my last one,

which ended early this year, only twice as long. It will also go on the air earlier to enable children to watch it.' Last time, many boys and girls wrote to her, cheerfully grousing because the show always began long after their bedtime! Of course, Petula is thrilled about it. Few stars of twenty-four have had their own half-hour show. In a sense it marks the fulfilment of an ambition. It will also give her an opportunity of displaying her numerous talents. Each week, with the help of two boy friends--a straight actor and a comedian--she will be doing some straight

acting with the one and comedy turns with the other. In addition, the show will have as its resident group, the five Dallas Boys, all about Pet's own age, who are already known to viewers. The reason why her acting abilities are less well known than her voice is simple--the public tends to remember last appearances only. 'I started my career as an actress' she explains, 'and I've actually had dramatic roles in twenty-four files. But singing has taken over, and now I want to go back to acting.' Both Brian Tesler, who is producing the show, and Pet herself intend to see to it that although it contains some drama, it's going to be, on the whole, lighthearted. Every week she will wear two different evening dresses. For weeks she has been pooling ideas with her dressmaker, who is making a lot of new clothes for her. I can think of only a few people who are not as excited about the new show as Pet's boy friends who are in it. They are her boys friend not in it. Regretfully she points out: 'I'm not going to have much time left over for them during the next six weeks. But then, I do love lots of work!

Radio Times
13 December, 1956