RADIO TIMES September 22, 1966CONTINUING   Sunday

     In tonight's Billy Cotton's Music-Hall (his 144th TV show) (Billy) can be seen, in a filmed insert, trying to re-live the sensation of being dresssed in old-time leather suit flying gear and seated in the cockpit of an early aeroplane. This item is the result of a discovery, by Billy, of a hangar full of vintage flying machines near High Wycombe. He asked about their origins and learnt that they had all been made for the Twentieth Century-Fox production, Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. Furthermore, they had served their purpose and were about to be knackered. Nostalgia and showmanship (combined in the ample person of Mr. Cotton) brought a reprieve for two craft: the BBC bought them with consequences we can see them tonight. Ask yourself: Will Billy be capable of this sort of stunt when he's sixty-seven?
     Apart from Billy's fanciful flight, the Music-Hall tonight is "live." Comics Jack Douglas and Jack Haig will nevertheless saw a woman in half, right in front of the bulging eyes of the viewing millions. At least the two Jacks say everything will go all right, though they've made a mess of rehearsals. Another comedy spot stars George Chisholm and pop music will be represented by Petua Clark and Peter and Gordon.