Talk of the Town
Broadcast: April 22, 1967
Recorded: February 28, 1967


RADIO TIMES - April 20 1967
Just Call
Me Pet

an evening with
     Anyone going through the stage door of London's Talk of the Town a few Sundays ago would have seen a slim, elf-like woman talking animatedly to a small group about her youngest daughter. Just like any mother.
     But ten minutes later, dressed in a golden sheath dresss which blended with her short hair, Petula Clark emerged to entertain 800 people. With a sophisticated, fast-moving act the relaxed calm, Miss Clark was still completely herself. That is Pet's secred: she is the same person on stage and off it.
     Her success has been amazing, even by showbusiness standards. She shrugged off one successful career as an actress and entertainer, canged her style completely, and came back with a bang. The newspaper articles which say 'Pet pops into London' mean just what they say, for Miss Clark is too busy in too many places to stay anywhere long.
     In tonight's show she delights the audience with an expertly balanced mixture of songs. There are sentimental, boisterous, romantic, and comic numbers.
     And in a song Petula explains the different ways in which her name is pronounced all round the world. She concludes it's best to 'Just call me Pet!'
     the producer is Yvonne Littlewood who worked with Pet on her successful BBC-tv series last year--and will be in charge of Pet's new TV series which starts later this year.

Photos by Gloria Saunders