Stars and shows for the festive season

I WAS standing outside Television House when Petula Clark peeped round a pillar. "Hi," she shouted, "can you see a policeman?" I looked. I couldn't. I asked if she wanted one. She didn't.
     "It's my car," she explained, and I nodded sympathetically. "It collects policement--parks itself in the wrong spots, you know."
     Pet prepared to dash off to her Christmas shopping. She hopes to spend Christmas in a hotel her family takes over for four days at Camberley.
     Pet mentioned that it is the family's usual procedure--"There are so many of us when we get together. About 40 when we add in friends. This year I hope to add a couple of youngsters to our party, children who haven't any family of their own."
     It's a working holiday for Pet for all that. She's blossoming out as a producer--for the family "cabaret. And she'll be in The Christmas Eve Show singing her latest hit Alone. . .as a slightly wacky fairy on a Christmas Tree". . .and Christmas Day's Spot the Tune, both of which are televised this week.
--John Gough