Guest starring on The Andy Williams Show
Circa 1971

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[Compiled by Jim Pierson. Updated by Laurie Parsons Zenobio]


1955 The Vice (ABC)
Featured in an episode of this weekly dramatic series.


7/31/61 Mantovani (WNET)
Host: John Conte.
Starring: Mantovani and his Orchestra.
Guest star: Petula Clark performed St. Tropez.


1/20/65 Shindig! (ABC)
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Guests: Petula, Donna Loren, Glen Campbell, Bobby Sherman, Dave Clark Five, The Kinks, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Rolling Stones, Bobby Vee, Roosevelt Grier, Merlin Olsen, The Walker Brothers.
2/2/65 Hullabaloo (NBC) Host: Paul Anka
Guests: Petula, Marvin Gaye, The Everly Brothers , Jay and the Americans, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Bill Dana, Rocky Roberts and the Airedales.
3/14/65 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: Petula, Nancy Walker, Bert Lahr.
Downtown, I Know A Place
5/16/65 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: Petula, Rudolf Nureyev, Dame Margot Fonteyn, Alan King, Sue Carson.
I Know A Place, Heart
5/18/65 The Best On Record (NBC) Downtown
6/16/65 Shindig! (ABC) Petula, The Bitter End Singers, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, Gary Brento Weis.
In Love
10/10/65 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: Petula, the Supremes, Woody Allen, Wayne Newton.
Round Every Corner, A Foggy Day
10/12/65 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) Downtown, If I Ruled the World.
10/25/65 Hullabaloo (NBC)
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Petula hosts. Guest: Noel Harrison.
Downtown/I Know A Place Knees Up Mother Brown (w/Harrison), Round Every Corner
10/27/65 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
11/28/65 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)Guests: Petula, Glenn Yarbrough, Sammy Kaye.
My Love, Mademoiselle de Paris



1/22/66 The Hollywood Palace (ABC)
Guests: Petula, Fred Astaire, Mickey Rooney. My Love, My Fair Lady medley
2/27/66 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS) Guests: Nancy Sinatra, Gary Lewis & the Playboys. My Love, A Sign Of The Times, I Want To Hold Your Hand
4/17/66 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: Petula, the Animals, Jimmy Durante.
A Sign Of The Times, Just Say Goodbye
5/16/66 The Best On Record (NBC)
Grammy Award Show
Host: Bob Hope
Guest stars: Petula, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass, Bill Cosby, Anita Kerr Singers, Roger Miller, Tony Bennett, Robert Goulet, Duke Ellington, Diahann Carroll, Godfrey Cambridge, Henry Mancini, Bill Dana, Rowan & Martin.
Going Out Of My Head
5/17/66 The Red Skelton Show (CBS)
I Know A Place, A Sign Of The Times
5/27/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) Downtown, I Know A Place, My Love, I Want To Hold Your Hand, A Sign Of The Times
6/24/66 Arlene Dahl's Beauty Spot (ABC)
Interview only.
6/24/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) The Thirty-first of June, My Love
6/25/66 Continental Showcase (CBS) Moving On (in French)
7/14/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) Guests: Petula, Marianne Faithfull, Paul Revere & the Raiders.
I Want To Hold Your Hand
7/66 9th Street West (ABC)
Look alike contest.
8/1/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) Guests: Petula, Goro Sakuri & the Blue Jeans, Paul Revere & the Raiders.
I Know A Place , Round Every Corner
9/12/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) Guests: Petula, The Thomas Group, Paul Revere and the Raiders
Just Say Goodbye, Downtown
10/9/66 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS) Guests: Petula, Richard Pryor, Allan & Rossi, Berosini Chimps.
Who Am I, Come Rain Or Come Shine
10/21/66 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) Songs unknown
10/23/66 The Andy Williams Show (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Steve Allen, Eddy Arnold.
Dear Hearts And Gentle People , I Will Wait For You (w/ Andy), medley of Steve Allen songs (w/ Williams, Allen, Arnold)
10/28/66 Where The Action Is (ABC) Downtown
11/7/66 The Roger Miller Show (NBC) Who Am I, Medley w/ Roger (Chug-a-lug/Dang Me/You Can't Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd/ /England Swings/My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died)
11/23/66 The Danny Kaye Show (CBS)
Host: Danny Kaye.
Guests: Petula, Stanley Holloway
Who Am I, Two Rivers, You Do Something To Me medley (w/ Danny), English Music Hall medley ( w/ Danny, Stanley Holloway)
12/3/66 The Hollywood Palace(ABC)
Host: Victor Borge.
Guests: Petula, Jean Pierre Aumont, Marisa Pavan.
Strangers In The Night, Without A Song
1966 The Lloyd Thaxton Show (syndicated)
I Know A Place, A Sign Of The Times, A Foggy Day
1966 Shebang! (syndicated) Downtown, Round Every Corner, I Know A Place, A Sign Of The Times
1966Don Ho Special



1/15/67 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS) Guests: Petula, The Rolling Stones, Allen Sherman.
Colour My World, Elusive Butterfly
1/26/67 The Dean Martin Show (NBC) Guests: Petula, Jack Jones, Dino, Desi and Billy
Downtown, For All We Know, Good Times medley (w/ Dean)
2/4/67 The Hollywood Palace (ABC)
Host: Jack Benny
Guests: Petula, Johnny Mathis, Gloria Chappell, Ernie Terrell, Brascia & Tybee, the Nitwits.
Winchester Cathedral, This Is My Song
2/6/67 The Pat Boone Show (NBC) Songs unknown
2/7/67 The Pat Boone Show (NBC) Songs unknown
3/2/67 ABC Stage 67: Rodgers & Hart Today (ABC)
Petula, Bobby Darin, The Supremes, Count Basie and His Orchestra, The Doodletown Pipers,
Where Or When, Thou Swell, Spring Is Here, On Your Toes, Any Old Place With You (w/ Bobby), medley of obscure Rodgers & Hart songs (w/ Bobby), Mountain Greenery ( w/cast.)
5/21/67 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
From the Montreal Expo 67.
Guests: Petula, The Seekers, Alan King, Claude Levillee, Birgit Nilsson.
Medley(I Know A Place/Je Me Sens Bien/My Love/ Downtown), Don't Sleep In The Subway, This Is My Song (French and English)
9/10/67 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: Petula, Young Rascals, Eddie Fisher, Buddy Hackett.
Who Am I , Don't Sleep In The Subway, The Cat In The Window, Eternally
9/28/67 The Dean Martin Show (CBS) [Love Song medley clip available on That's Amore DVD]Guests: Flip Wilson, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans.
Call Me, "Lover Man, love song medley (w/ Martin)
10/17/67 The Hollywood Palace (ABC)
Video available
Petula hosts. Guests: Lynn Redgrave, Noel Harrison, George Sanders.
The British Are Here (w/ cast), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band (w/ Lynn, Noel, George), England Swings, This Is My Song, Don't Sleep In The Subway, Imagine, Where Did We Go Wrong



1967-68Plymouth car commercials
[Click for sound byte--be patient].
National television commercials featuring Petula singing special lyrics to The Beat Goes On
2/7/68 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) Guest host: Harry Belafonte
Kiss Me Goodbye
4/2/68 Petula (NBC)

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Petula's first American TV special. Guest: Harry Belafonte
Music, Two Rivers, Who Am I, The Life And Soul Of The Party, The In Crowd, Las Vegas, We Can Work It Out, The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener, Elusive Butterfly" Imagine" Come Rain Or Come Shine, Just Say Goodbye, Color My World, On The Path Of Glory (w/ Belafonte), Live For Life, Don't Sleep In The Subway, How Are Things In Glocca Morra, Have Another Dream On Me, Downtown.
10/19/68 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS)
Guests: the Beach Bopys, Richard Pryor,
Petula and Peter O'Toole are interviewed on the set of Goodbye Mr. Chips set. Don't Give Up plus song montage.



4/7/69 Portrait Of Petula (NBC)
Petula's second American TV special. Guests: Andy Williams, Sacha Distel, Ron Moody.
My Love Is Here, This Girl's In Love With You, My Funny Valentine, You Can't Roller-skate in a Buffalo Herd (w/ Williams), Visions Of Sugarplums (w/ Williams), Mademoiselle de Paris, What Makes Paris medley (w/ Distel), Poor People Of Paris (w/ Distel and Williams), When I Was A Child, I Love London Town medley (w/ Moody) Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner/Knees Up Mother Brown, I Know A Place, You And I, My Love
9/20/69 The Andy Williams Show (NBC)
Happiness Is (w/ Williams), Hapiness Runs (w/ Williams), Games People Play, London Is London, Knees Up, Mother Brown (w/ Williams)
10/29/69 The Brass Are Comin' (NBC)
Host: Herb Alpert.
Walk Through The World, Singin' In The Rain (w/ Alpert)
11/2/69 The Ed Sullivan Show (CBS) Guests: Petula, the Band, Pearl Bailey, Buck Owens.
Fill The World WIth Love, No One Better Than You, The Fool On The Hill
12/21/69 Ed Sullivan's Swinging, Soulful, Sixties (CBS)
A review of the decade in entertainment. Petula reviews Britain's role in the decade's music and sings Downtown, England Swings & Who Am I.
11/7/69 Goodbye Mr. Chips Premiere (syndicated)
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Army Archerd hosts.
Gala West Coast Premiere of Goodbye Mr. Chips at the Wilshire Theatre, with Petula in attendance. Film clips, star arrivals, etc.



1/8/70The Dean Martin Show (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Peter Graves, Gale Gordon.
Don't Sleep In The Subway, You And I, sunshine medley w/Martin
2/18/70Kraft Music Hall Presents Petula Clark (NBC)
Petula hosts. Guests: Anthony Newley, Lou Rawls.
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, Three O'Clock In The Morning (w/ Lou Rawls), (Look At That Face/What Kind Of Fool Am I), duet w/ Anthony Newley, medley w/Newley and Rawls (Mood Indigo/God Bless The Child/Kansas City), Natural Woman, Yesterday, A Sign Of The Times
7/22/70 The Smothers Brothers Show (ABC)
Beautiful Sounds, Elusive Butterfly
9/17/70 The Dean Martin Show (NBC) Guests: Petula, Orson Wells, Joey Bishop, Kaye Medford. Laurie Ichino.
Call Me (w/ celebrity cameos), Happiness medley (w/ Martin), singers spoof (w/ Martin and guests)
12/9/70 Petula (ABC)
Petula's third American TV Special. Guests: Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, the Everly Brothers, David Frost.
Beautiful Sounds, duet w/ Peggy Lee (I'm A Woman/Wedding Bell Blues), Games People Play (w/ The Everly Brothers), duet medley w/ Dean Martin on a horse (Hey Good Lookin'/Detour/Things/I Walk The Line/Just A Little Lovin'), medley (Come Together/Great Come And Get It Day), When Johnny Comes Marching Home (w/ Lee), Fool On The Hill
1970 The Dick Cavett Show (ABC) Song(s) unknown.



1/2/71 The Andy Williams Show(NBC)
Duet w/ Williams (Our House, Home On The Range), Goin' Out Of My Head, Happy Heart, I Believe In Music (w/ Williams and cast.) Repeated 5/8/71
1/15/71 This Is Tom Jones (ABC)
Watch What Happens (w/ Jones), I Think I Love You (w/ Jones), You And I, The Song Of My Life, Why Can't I Cry, My Funny Valentine, This Guy's In Love With You (w/ Jones), Our Love Is Here To Stay (w/ Jones)
2/15/71 The Bob Hope Special (NBC)
The Song Of My Life, Tea For Two (w/ Hope)
3/11/71The Dean Martin Show (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Eubie Blake, Orson Welles, Leonard Barr
The Song Is Love, Love song medley (w/ Martin)
4/7/71A Royal Gala (NBC)
The Wind Of Change, Games People Play
4/15/71The 43rd Academy Awards (NBC)
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For All We Know, Thank You Very Much (w/ Ricardo Montalban, Burt Lancaster, Sally Kellerman)
6/5/71 The Val Doonican Show (ABC)
I Don't Know How To Love Him, Melodie d'Amour (w/ Doonican)
9/16/71The Dean Martin Comedy Hour (NBC) Guests: Petula, Art Carney, Liberace, Johnny Carson
For Once In My Life (w/ Martin), We've Only Just Begun (w/ Martin), Dream medley (w/ Martin), disc jockey routine (w/ Martin and guests)
11/16/71The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour (CBS) Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In (w/ Campbell), Beautiful, Burt Bacharach/Hal David medley w/ Campbell (Do You Know The Way To San Jose/Alfie/This Guy's In Love With You/The Look Of Love/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/What The World Needs Now Is Love), English medley w/ Campbell and Arte Johnson (Downtown/Call Me/My Love/Who Can I Turn To/Can't Buy Me Love/Eleanor Rigby/Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da)
12/16/71The Flip Wilson Show (NBC)
Emmy winning show. Guests: Petula, Roy Clark, Redd Foxx.
I Don't Know How To Love Him, I Know What Love Is About, Let's Do It (w/ Wilson, Clark, Foxx)
12/20/71Laugh-In (NBC) Non-singing cameo.
1971The Merv Griffin Show (syndicated) Song(s) unknown.



1/13/72 The Dean Martin Show (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Billy Baxter, Jeannine Burnier>
Put a Little Love in Your Heart/When You're Smiling Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (medley w/ Dean Martin.) Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head/For the Good Times/Joy to the World (medley w/ Martin.)
1/27/72 The David Frost Show (syndicated)
Sole guest.
Downtown (in English & French) ~ Don't Sleep in the Subway ~ You and I ~ Goin' Out of My Head ~ Penny Lane (incorporating Eleanor Rigby/All You Need is Love) ~ I Don't Know How to Love Him ~ Brief versions of Mighty Lak a Rose/G.I. Jive/The Little Shoemaker/With All My Heart
2/17/72The Bob Hope Special (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Sammy Davis Jr., Carol Lawrence, Juliet Prowse. Penny Lane/Eleanor Rigby/All You Need is Love
5/8/72 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) My Guy
10/30/72Here's Lucy (CBS)
Guest stars: Petula & Claude. People Get Ready ~ Goin' Out of My Head (w/ Lucille Ball)



1/25/73The Dean Martin Show (NBC) Guests: Petula, Joey Bishop, Dom Deluise, Nipsey Russell. Exactly Like You (w/ Martin) ~ Baby I'm Yours ~ Togetherness medley (w/Dean Martin) ~ Annie Get Your Gun routine (w/ Martin)
2/2/73The Bobby Darin Show (NBC)
Guests: Petula & Flip Wilson. My Guy ~ (All I Have to Do is) Dream duet with Bobby Darin ~ Salute to New York duet with Darin.
2/10/73The Carol Burnett Show (CBS)
[Clip available on DVDs This Is My Song - The Ultimate Portrait of Petula Clark & A Sign of the Times]
Guests: Petula, John Byner. I Can't Remember (How it Was Before) ~ Turn Around/God Bless the Child duet w/ Carol Burnett.
10/5/73The Dean Martin Show (NBC) Guests: Petula, Bob Newhart, William Conrad. Top of the World/The Good Times/It's a Good Day (w/ Martin) ~ Little Bit Country routine (w/Martin.)
10/22/73Opryland USA
The American Music Scene (NBC)
Hosts: Petula and Tennesse Ernie Ford
Guests: Wayne Newton, Melba Moore, Carol Lawrence. Walking Happy (w/ cast)
Sing (w/ Ford) ~ I Can See Clearly Now ~ Lazy Afternoon/Your Cheatin' Heart/Take Me Home, Country Road medley (w/ cast.) ~ I Don't Know How to Love Him ~ The Battle Hymn of the Republic (w/ cast.)
11/19/73The Carol Burnett Show (CBS)Silver Spoon ~ Yesterday Once More (w/Burnett)
11/73 Sunday Night at the London Palladium (syndicated)
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ Silver Spoon ~ Killing Me Softly ~ What the World Needs Now is Love
12/27/73The NBC Follies(NBC) Host: Sammy Davis Jr. Guests: Petula, Peter Lawford. You Are the Sunshine of My Life ~ It's Men Like You ~ London medley (w/Sammy Davis Jr.)



9/18/74 Burlington Ads
Petula's ads for Burlington begin to air.
11/19/74 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC)
Guests: Petula & Ray Charles. Don't Sleep in the Subway ~ Loving Arms,
11/20/74Dinah! (syndicated) Guests: Petula, the Smothers Brothers, Pat Paulsen.
Loving Arms ~ You and I ~ God Bless the Child (w/Dinah Shore)



2/18/75 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) Guests: Petula, Jack Jones, William Demarest. I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ I Want to Hold Your Hand ~ Brief impersonations of Marlene Dietrich (Falling in Love Again) and Ethel Merman (There's No Business Like Show Business.)
7/30/75Dinah! (syndicated)Guests: Petula, Rich Little, Dan Rowan, Richard Castellano, Vincent Gardenia.
What I Did for Love ~ As Long As He Needs Me (w/ Dinah Shore.)
8/5/75The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC) Guest host Bob Newhart.
Guests: Petula, Suzanne Pleshette, Dick Martin.
Super Loving Lady ~ Ease on Down the Road (w/ Friends.)
10/13/75 - 10/17/75The Hollywood Squares
Game show guest. Anthony Newley, Rose Marie, Robert Fuller, Marty Allen, Paul Lynde, Petula Clark, McClean Stevenson, Eva Gabor, George Gobel.
10/20/75 The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated)Co-hosts: Martin Landau & Barbara Bain. Guests: Petula, Shari Lewis, Barbara Bain, Martin Landau.
A Song for You ~ Don't Give Up (w/ Douglas)
11/3/75Dinah! (CBS) Guests: Petula, Lucie Arnez, Rick Nelson, Robert Blake, Cleveland Armory.
Downtown ~ Beatles medley w/ Friends (With a Little Help from my Friends/When I'm 64/Yesterday)
11/12/75Dinah! (syndicated) Gimme a Smile
12/8/75The Mike Douglas Show(syndicated)
Co-host: Petula. Guests: John Davidson, Anne Meara.
Typically English (w/Douglas) ~ Downtown ~ What I Did for Love
12/9/75The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated) Co-host: Petula. John Byner, Phyllis George.
I Know a Place ~ Call Me (w/ Douglas) ~ How Sweet is Is ~ Oh Christmas Tree (in French)
12/10/75The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated) Co-host: Petula. Guests: Andy Griffith, Tavares.
Ease on Down the Road ~ George ~ Something (w/ Douglas)
12/11/75The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated) Co-host: Petula. Guests: Rod McKuen, the Temptations, Eddie Lawrence.
Winter Wonderland (w/ Douglas) ~ La Di Da (w/ Rod McKuen) ~ Silent Night (w/ choir)
12/12/75The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated)
Petula's Christmas Pudding
Co-host: Petula. Edgar Winter, Marilyn Michaels, Tamara Simonenko.
Don't Sleep in the Subway ~ I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ Fire and Rain ~ Medley: Natural Woman/Honky-Tonk Woman/You Can Do It
12/19/75The Midnight Special (NBC)
Host: Helen Reddy. Guests: Petula, Peter Frampton.
My Love ~ Super Loving Lady (duet with Helen Reddy)
11/14/75 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (NBC)How Sweet It Is (w/ Friends) ~ A Foggy Day/A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
1975Sammy & Company (syndicated)
Host: Sammy Davis Jr.
Ease on Down the Road (w/ Friends)



1/23/76 The Hollywood Squares (NBC/syndicated)Game show guest. Petula, Anthony Newley, Eva Gabor, Robert Fuller, McLean Stevenson, Marty Allen, George Gobel, Rose Marie, Paul Lynde.
1/23/76The Midnight Special (ABC)Gimme a Smile ~ Goin' Out of My Head
1/24/76The Golden Globe Awards (syndicated)Performers: Petula, Ben Vereen, Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme, Keith Carradine.
How Lucky Can You Get?
2/76The Bobby Vinton Show (syndicated)
Gimme a Smile ~ All My Lovin' (w/ Vinton) ~ Ease on Down the Road (w/ Friends)
2/22/76Perry Como's Hawaiian Holdiay (NBC)
Guests: Petula, Don Ho, George Carlin
. Gimme a Smile ~ Hawaiian medley w/ Como ~ What I Did for Love
4/8/76Women of the Year Awards (NBC)
Host: Barbara Walters
Guests: Petula, Fifth Dimension, Kate Smith.
Super Lovin' Lady ~ This Is My Song ~ God Bless the Child ~ God Bless America (w/ audience & cast)
5/12/76The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated)Co-host: David Jansen
Guests: Petula, Dick Clark & Betty Rollin.
I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ You're My Destiny ~ What'll I Do ~ I'm Glad There is You (w/ Douglas)
8/9/76The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated) Co-host: Danny Thomas
Guests: Petula, Billy Joel.
Your Song ~ Smokey Old Town
8/10/76The Merv Griffin Show (syndicated)From Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.
Guests:Petula, Joel Grey, Rodney Dangerfield, Lola Falana, Harry Blackstone, Jr.
Hits Medley
10/26/76The Mike Douglas Show (syndicated)You're My Destiny
1976Captain Kangaroo
Children's Show.
Flowers for Sale
76-77Petula Clark in Concert (syndicated)
Photos ProgrammeVinyl CD
(Purchase CD at
2/14/74 concert from London's Royal Albert Hall. Longer version originally aired in two parts on BBC as Live in London.



4/18/77The Merv Griffin Show (syndicated)I Couldn't Live Without Your Love ~ La Vie en Rose
12/14/77Perry Como's Olde English Christmas (NBC)
Guests: Petula, LeoSayer, Gemma Craven & Chorus.
Medley w/ Cast: Good King Wenceslas/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/The Holly & the Ivy/I Saw Three Ships/Joy to the World/We Wish You a Merry Christmas ~ Where Is Love ~ There's a Kind of Hush (w/ Como) ~ You're My Destiny ~ The Pantomine Tradition ~ Hot Diggity w/ cast
1977The Muppet Show (syndicated)
Muppet Show Guide
The Boy from Ipanema ~ Too Shy to Say ~ Tomorrow



Hosted by Bill Monkhouse and Bill, Brett, & Mark Hudson.
What Am I Doing Here?



3/79The Greatest MysteryEaster special hosted by John Huston. Starring Petula, Princess Grace, & the Chieftains.
Petula sings Fill the World with Love (with the Chichester Cathedral Choir) from Chichester concert broadcast in UK last Christmas.
10/26/79Carnival in Rio (HBO) Host: Petula. Guests: Candice Bergen, Albert Finney, Liza Minnelli & Regine.



3/14/81Monte Carlo Show Host: Patrick Wayne. Guests: Petula, David Soul, Galina & Valery Panov.
Don't Cry for Me, Argentina.
8/29/81 Portrait of a Legend (syndicated) 30-minute documentary dedicated to Petula.
4/81 All-Star Tribute to Fred Astaire
A glimpse of Petula can be seen in the audience.



1/8-9-10/85An Orphan's Tale (HBO)
French version available on DVD
Sans Famille dubbed into English. (Petula's voice is dubbed by unknown actress.)
3/10/85 Night of 100 Stars(CBS) Guests: Petula--one of the 100. Excerpt of Downtown



5/21/86America Picks the #1 Songs (ABC)
Host: Frankie Avalon & Barbara Mandrell. Hits medley
7/3/86Today Show (NBC) Guests: Petula & Lulu. From London in honor of Sarah Ferguson & Prince Andrew's wedding.
7/23/86 Today Show (NBC) Memory
8/31/86Jerry Lewis Muscular Distrophy Telethon From Las Vegas. Host: Jerry Lewis
9/86Hour Magazine Host: Gary Collins. Guests: Petula, Ben Vereen, Daniel J. Travanti. Chat.
10/16/86Live with Regis & Kathie Lee (syndicated) Hits medley.
1986Nightwatch (NBC) Remote interview with Petula in London.



8/86Entertainment Tonight (Syndicated) Brief interview.
8/17/86CBS Morning Show (CBS) Interview.



8/88CBS Morning Show (CBS)Interview.
8/88Live with Regis & Kathie Lee Medley: I Know a Place/Subway/Downtown (with Frank Owens on piano.)
VH1 Brief interview.
8/88E (E)Brief interview.



1989Entertainment Tonight
Interview during SLY.
10/16/89 Live with Regis & Kathie Lee In London during
Someone Like You
Downtown ~ All Through the Years



9/10/91 A Closer Look (Syndicated) Guests: Petula & Tiny Tim .
Hits medley.



9/29/92Vicki (Syndicated) Host: Vicki Lawrence
Guests: Petula, Jane Leeves, Christopher Hewitt, Jane Carr.



9/2/93 Bob Costas ShowInterview.
12/93 American Theatre Wing SeminarRound table discussion of the theatre w/ Petula, David Cassidy.
12/93 WNYC TV Pledge
New York telethon.



9/17/94 Girls Night OutStand-up comedy show featuring female comics, hosted by Petula.
11/7/94 New Haven News Stations
Blood Brothers
promotion & brief interviews.
1994 Disney tribute to Pocahantas Various celebrities tell the real story of Pocahantas.



2/95 Channel 5 News (San Francisco, CA)Promotion for Blood Brothers tour.
4/3/95 Various News Shows (Baltimore, Maryland)Promotion for Blood Brothers tour.



12/97 Close to You (PBS)
Purchase DVD from
Carpenters documentary. Petula is interviewed and is also featured in a clip from her '83 Albert Hall concert singing For All We Know an encore, which she had sung in tribute to the late Karen Carpenter.



12/98 Various newscastsPromotion for Sunset Boulevard



1999 South Bank Show (Bravo)
Hour-long documentary of Petula's life and career, produced last year in England.
10/99 Dream Makers (Syndicated)Surprise guest for host Richard Simmons.
10/99 Various Newscasts (Los Angeles, CA)Brief interview. Promotion for Sunset Boulevard.



11/5/00 KUSI News (San Diego, CA) Borders CD signing. Promotion for An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber



3/4/01 Dean Martin: That's Amore (PBS)
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Documentary about Dean Martin. Petula is featured singing a duet with Dean in a clip from "The Dean Martin Show," circa 1967.
4/9/01 Profiles: David Cassidy (Bravo)
Profile on David Cassidy. Petula is briefly interviewed and speaks on the subject of pop stardom.
12/01 A Sign of the Times (PBS)
Purchase CD from
Live concert spectacular
filmed by PBS in Norfolk, Virginia and aired as a special feature during the PBS December pledge season. Also featured are clips from classic American television appearances.
12/2/01 Petula Clark: This is My Song (PBS)
"A Sign of the Times" concert DVD includes "This is My Song" documentary.
Purchase DVD from
Petula's extraordinary life is chronicled in this all-new biography featuring the stories behind her upbeat, ever-popular music, including her signature song, the Grammy Award-winning "Downtown." Friends and colleagues such as Harry Belafonte, Lynn Redgrave, Andy Williams, David Cassidy, and Rod McKuen are interviewed, and the program includes a wealth of rare television, film, and archival footage from "The Dean Martin Show", "Portrait Of Petula," a 1963 French concert, and a 1940s childhood newsreel. Petula's remembrances, taped in Norfolk, VA, at the time of the concert, offer a candid and insightful look into her long and fascinating life in show business.



2/1/02 African Americans on TV - Variety Shows (TVLand)
This special explores the impact of African Americans, both in front of and behind the camera. The infamous incident in which Petula touched Harry Belafonte's arm during a duet and prompted a Southern advertising executive to demand that the sequence either be re-shot or cut is discussed.
2/11/02 Biography: Princess Margaret
Petula is briefly interviewed regarding Princess Margaret's relationship with Roddy Llewelyn and seen in clips in a performance on a French TV show.



Branson Cares
(Various - Regional)
Branson Concert & Telethon organized to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Petula performed My Love.



7/26/05 Entertainment Tonight (Syndicated) Promotion for upcoming film Downtown: A Street Tale" for which Petula will perform a new song, "Children of Color" over the closing credits.



March/June My Music - The British Beat (PBS - Various)
British Beat
Petula hosts. Features the music of Petula Clark, Wayne Fontana, Peter & Gordon, The Zombies, The Animals, Lulu, Procol Harum, Paul Jones, The Tremeloes, Dusty Springfield, The Rolling Stones, Denny Laine, Mike Pender of the Searchers & Gerry & the Pacemakers.
5/28/07 Entertainment Tonight (Syndicated) Promotion for upcoming film Downtown: A Street Tale" for which Petula performs a new song, "Children of Color" over the closing credits.



November 29, 2008 My Music - Love Songs of the 50s & 60s (PBS - WNET) Hosted by Connie Stevens. Petula appeared with Bruce Morrow ("Cousin Brucie") during the WNET, New York, pledge break.