Sunset Blvd
  • November 17, 1998--April 9, 2000, US Tour
  • January 9, 1996--April 5, 1997, Adelphi Theatre, West End, London
  • September 2, 1995--October 14, 1995, Adelphi Theatre, West End, London
         (Six-week run, subbing for Elaine Paige)

         Without a rest from her grueling Blood Brothers tour in the USA, Petula was asked to play Norma Desmond in Andrew Loyd Webber's Sunset Boulevard in London's West End. Petula thought she wouldn't be right for the part, but fortunately Trevor Nunn was able to convince her that she'd be "marvellous." Trevor honored Petula at a "This Is Your Life" taping (Petula's third) by stating unequivocally, "Petula is the real thing!"
         Petula performed in Sunset for what everyone believed would be the final time before a packed house in London's West End on April 5, 1997.
          The following year, Petula (missing "Norma") embarked on an 18 month U.S. tour and became the longest running Norma to date.

  • Sunset Boulevard American Tour Journal
  • Really Useful Company

  • Blood Brothers
  • September 5, 1994 -- May 21, 1995, US Tour
  • August 16, 1993 - April 24, 1994, Music Box Theatre, Broadway, New York

    "Billy Russell's contemporary prince-and-pauper musical tragedy set in Liverpool, is overlong by a fourth, boasts two songs worth a damn, no dancing, grown actors playing children, shuddery portents of doom, rhyming verse monologues and enough shmaltz to keep the Carnegie Deli in chopped liver well into the next century." The critics HATED it, and soundly (and loudly) predicted its demise. However, audiences that defied the critics and actually went to see the show loved it. Still, ticket sales floundered until an inspired bit of casting paired brothers, David and Shaun Cassidy and Petula Clark as their mother, in the leading roles. Audience attendance soared and the show boasted a standing ovation every performance for the duration of the run.
         "Petula's extraordinary successful recording career has been well documented - when she took over in the Broadway production of Blood Brothers she reminded us all of what an outstanding actress she has always been. She will hate me for saying this, but she is also the most humble, the most adorable, and the most loving leading lady I have ever worked with. And I thank her for that amongst many things." - Bill Kenwright, 1995
    (From the liner notes of the "definitive recording" of Blood Brothers with Petula and David and Shaun Cassidy by First Night Records.)

  • Someone Like You
  • March 22, 1990 - April 26, 1990 The Strand Theatre, West End, London
  • October 25, 1989 - December, Provincial Tour, UK

    Someone Like You was touted as a "passionate musical love story born from the ashes of the Civil War" and opened in October of 1989 in Cambridge, England, playing provincially in five theatres to generally good notices before its transfer to the West End the following year. The show made its debut at the Strand Theatre, London on 22 March 1990 and closed a month later.
         This project was Petula's "baby" for quite a number of years--from the germ of an idea hatched by Petula and Ferdie Pacheco, to a book by Robin Midgley and Fay Weldon, with music by Petula Clark and lyrics by Dee Shipman. The show's abrupt, and unexpected, closure (due primarily to a producer rumored to have had serious cash flow problems from a previous production) was a bitter disappointment for Petula. Among Petula fans, the show is remembered with great affection and a fervent desire for a "revival" somewhere in the States, or at very least, a complete show soundtrack.
  • The only songs from Someone Like You (or SLY as Pet calls it) released so far can be found on a single released by First Night Records: "Someone Like You" sung by Petula Clark and Dave Willetts / "Getting The Right Thing Wrong" sung by Petula Clark. The latter can also be found on the Petula Clark Anthology: Downtown to Sunset Boulevard

  • Candida
  • October 26 - November 19, 1983, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, UK

    Petula performed in the title role of George Bernard Shaw's Candida. It was a straight dramatic production that also featured Jonathon Morris.

  • The Sound Of Music
  • August 18, 1981- September 18, 1982, Apollo Victoria Theatre, West End, London

    Among the audience on opening night, August 18, 1981, sat [the real] Baroness Maria Von Trapp. After the performance she told Ross Taylor, "If I never see The Sound Of Music again, this is the way I want to remember it -- and I want to remember Petula's performance as the greatest performance of Maria."
         A stage soundtrack of this musical was released on vinyl.

  • Humpty-Dumpty
  • Pantomime 1959-60 Season, Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, England

    British Pantomime stage show based on the fairy tale and performed during the Christmas/New Year Holiday. Petula starred as Princess Marigold and wore elaborate princess costumes. The production featured a great deal of slap-stick, music and comedy. This was Petula's only appearance of this kind.

  • Petula and John Gregson
    The Constant Nymph
  • February 16, 1954 - February 21, 1954, Q Theatre, Kew Bridge, England
  • February 22, 1954 - February 28, 1954, Theatre Royal, Brighton
         [Note: John Gregson was replaced by Terence Alexander]

  • Sauce for the Goose
  • February 1950 Q Theatre, Kew Bridge, England
  • Dear Octopus
  • 1948/49 Worthing, England
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