Sydney 2001
February 23, 2001
Star City Lyric Theatre

I was fortunate enough to go to Petula's Sydney concert on the 23rd, and all I can say is that it was fantastic.

It was held at Sydney's Star City Casino, in the Lyric Theatre. I arrived at the theatre, to a full house of over two thousand people! Many were Petula's fans from the sixties, but there was a great mix of ages. Looking aroung, though, I think I was the only person my age (22), at the show (something I am proud of).

The atmosphere was buzzy. Petula opened with "It's a Sign of the Times," and instantly, the crowd warmed. I could see on people's faces, that there were many trips being taken "down memory lane," all show long.

Petula performed a fabulous repertoire of the songs we all know and love her for, as well as songs from Lloyd-Webber and other musicals, and more. Everyone's favourite Tony Hatch numbers were sung, but they were certainly not going to constitute the whole show. I think everyone would have been as dumbstruck as I was, to have seen her sheer versatility in the type of songs chosen, as well as in the beautiful self-composed poem she recited, all about the theatre.

Another thing, which I loved, was that she didn't only sing. Petula shared, with the audience, many things people may not have known about her. She talked of working with other stars and singers, about film directors. She talked of her childhood and of the background history to the songs she sang, as well, and many other things that brought us to see Petula, the person.

The main subject spoken of after the show, was her voice. A lot of people, before the concert were wondering if Petula still "had it." She does. I went to the concert, ignoring people's remarks that she wouldn't sound like she used to and I'm very glad I did. Her voice is still amazingly strong, with great quality and control. Actually, I would say I enjoyed her voice more live, rather than on cd.

For me, the show went beyond the level of going to see a good singer, singing. It was a total experience. I grew up with her music, in fact, I was raised on it. I thank my parents constantly for exposing me to the wonder of Petula Clark. I only regret that the show ran for one night and not seven, as I would have gone to each and every one!

I did not wait for an autograph afterwards, but that is only because I hadn't heard that Petula would be staying to do so. I would love to have her autograph, but should the opportunity never present itself, I have, at least, got the autograph she left on my life. An unforgettable evening was had by all!
--Andrew Peterson

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