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Vote for Huggett

Released February 1949 [UK]
Comedy - 82 minutes

In this comedy, the Huggett family patriarch decides to run for public office. His entire platform is built upon a promise to construct a war memorial. Unfortunately, he wants to build it on a parcel of his wife's land. She doesn't want anything there so her niece fakes her signature and the land gets donated. Fortunately, the candidate's daughter finds out about her conniving cousin and is able to save her father's name and his election.
Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Jack Warner
Kathleen Harrison
Susan Shaw
Petula Clark
Diana Dors
David Tomlinson

.................Joe Huggett
.................Kathleen Huggett
.................Susan Huggett
.................Pet Huggett
.................Diana Hopkins
.................Harold Hinchley

  • Directed by Ken Annakin (who directed all of the Huggett films)
  • Rank/Gainsborough Production
  • Filmed at Islington Studios
  • Soundtrack: Petula sings "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree" by Jack Fishman and Peter Hart

  •      This second in the Huggett family series is a considerable improvement on the lamentable Here Come the Huggetts, that strangely distorted mirror of British family life with which the series made its bow. Sustituting robust local politics for sex unpleasantries, these new escapades show Pa Huggett advocating a pleasure garden and lido for the community, thus incurring the rivalry of an alderman who, being a builder, is naturally keen on a community centre. With Huggett pressed to made the issue one of local politics, the whole family rally round the old man, young daughter Pet doing stout work on the home-made poster front, Ma refusing to sell the bit of land on which the lido must be built and second daughter Susan dramatically producing proof of the forged document, which says that Ma has been making a bit on the side. All of which adds up to Pa becoming Councilor Huggett but not before enduring a riotous political meeting and being generally branded as liar, twister and crook. This time, too, the family enjoy much more engaging by-play to charaterise their domestic unity. As a result, Jack Warner emerges as a down-to earth dad with the humble yet forthright diction of the species with Kathleen Harrison suitably stricken at the prospect of dad's looming political fame Likeable collaboration is on hand from Susan Shaw and Petula Clark as the earnest young daughters.
    Today's Cinema - 8/2/49

  • . . .The film is well up to the standard set by the first in the series, and relies for its appeal on its homely humour and fine characterisations by Jack Warner and Kathleen Harrison as Joe and Ethel Huggett, Susan Shaw and Petula Clark as their daughters and Diana Dors as niece Diana. Strong support is rendered by the remainder of the cast.
    Monthly Film Bulletin - February 1949

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