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I Am Your Song / Super Loving Lady
Polydor 2058-560 (UK) /1975
Wind Of Change (edited version) / Memories Are Made Of This
Pye 7N 45473 (UK) /1975
What I Did For Love / I Believe In Love
Pye 7N 45506 (UK)
Pye P1004 (SP) /1975
Je Voudrais Qu'Il Soit Malheureux / Hasta Manana
AZ SG 517 (FR) /1975

LP available on CD     
I'm The Woman You Need
Polydor 2383 324 (UK) /1975
(1.) Brand New Day, (2.) And You Love Me, (3.) No Such Thing As A Miracle, (4.) Loving Arms, (5.) Your Cheatin' Heart, (6.) I'm The Woman You Need, (7.) To Give, (8.) I Can't Remember (How It Was Before), (9.) Will My Love Be You (Eres Tu)?, (10.) Every Step Of The Way, (11.) You Don't Need Me, (12.) Never Been A Horse That Couldn't Be Rode
Roulette Special Products Incorporated. RSP 1 (US) /1975
Disc 1: (1.) Downtown, (2.) For All We Know, (3.) Kiss Me Goodbye, (4.) What Now My Love?, (5.) A Sign Of The Times, (6.) I Know A Place, (7.) Happy Together, (8.) Monday, Monday, (9.) Goin' Out Of My Head, (10.) This Is My Song
Disc 2: (1.) Colour My World, (2.) Call Me, (3.) Happy Heart, (4.) Love Me With All Your Heart, (5.) Reach Out, I'll Be There, (6.) I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, (7.) Round Every Corner, (8.) Winchester Cathedral, (9.) Butterfly, (10.) Who Am I?
Disc 3: (1.) Don't Sleep In The Subway, (2.) Don't Give Up, (3.) I Will Wait For You, (4.) Let It Be Me, (5.) Strangers In The Night, (6.) My Love,(7.) Windmills Of Your Mind, (8.) American Boys, (9.) Groovin', (10.) Hey, Jude
NOTE: 3-album set. "Going Out Of My Head" is not the same take as the version released in 1965.


LP available on CD     
Just Petula
Polydor 2384 068 (UK) /1975
(1.) Wedding Song (There Is Love), (2.) Silver Spoon, (3.) Solitaire, (4.) C'Est Ca, Ma Chanson, (5.) Mother Of Us All, (6.) Baby I'm Yours,(7.) Let's Sing A Love Song, (8.) It's A Musical World, (9.) Fixing To Live, (10.) My Guy, (11.) Song WIthout End
("C'Est Ca, Ma Chanson" is the only track not previously issued)
Pet Projects PP 1 (UK) /1975
An IPCS exclusive, limited pressing of Christmas music previously recorded on vinyl as well as a few selections from television performances.
(1.) This Is Christmas, (2.) Mon Beau Sapin, (3.) Hark The Herald Angels Sing, (4.) Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant, (5.) The Happiest Christmas, (6.) Belle Nuit, Saite Nuit,(7.) List Our Merry Carol, (8.) Le Train Des Neiges, (9.) The Holly And The Ivy, (10.) Little Jesus (Rocking), (11.) Marie Et Son Enfant, (12.) Once In Royal David's City,(13.) Minuit Chretien, (14.) Away In A Manger - Hark The Herald Angels Sing, (15.) Medley: Sing A Song Of Christmas - The Holly And The Ivy - The First Noel - We Three Kings - This Is Christmas - O Come All Ye Faithful,(16.) A Christmas Song, (17.) Silent Night, Holy Night

Petula Clark in Deutschland
Vogue BI 15141 (GER) /1975
(1.) Casanova Baciami, (2.) Mille Mille Grazie, (3.) Alle Leute wollen in den Himmel, (4.) Morgan, (5.) Unser Liebestraum, (6.) Milt weissen Perlen,(7.) Monsieur, (8.) Warum darf mein Herz nur traumen, (9.) Kiss Me Goodbye, (10.) Iche suche einen Mann, (11.) Kapitan Kapitan, (12.) Cheerio

20 Bravos Pour Petula Clark
Vogue VB-7003 (FR) /1975


Downtown '77 / Two Rivers
Vogue 45.V. 140 163(FR)
Vogue/Marter MV.20-340 S (SP) /1976
Downtown/Don't Sleep in the Subway
Bellaphon Vogue BF 18 452 (GER) /1976
Kebec Disc KD 916 (CAN) /1976
1.) Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, (2.) Je Voudrais Qu'Il Soit Malheureux, (3.) Accordons Nos Violons, (4.) Dans La Ville, (5.) Thank You, My Lord, (6.) Coup De Tete, Coup De Foudre, (7.) Un Enfant Le Sait, (8.) Beau Comme Le Retour D'Un Fils, (9.) Swiss Valley, (10.) Il Est Temps
NOTE: Often refered to as "the AZ Album." Previously released in France in 1973 AZ STEC 151 . On this Canadian release "Je Voudrais Qu'Il Soit Malheureux has replaced "Une Carte D'Amitie".

20 All Time Greatest
K-Tel NE 945 (UK) /1976
(1.) Downtown, (2.) I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, (3.) A Sign Of The Times, (4.) Colour My World, (5.) What Now My Love, (6.) Who Am I,(7.) For All We Know, (8.) Don't Give Up, (9.) This Is My Song, (10.) I Know A Place, (11.) Don't Sleep In The Subway, (12.) Winchester Cathedral,(13.) The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener, (14.) Round Every Corner, (15.) Love Me With All Your Heart,(16.) Kiss Me Goodbye, (17.) Romeo, (18.) Sailor, (19.) Call Me, (20.) ?
20 Plus Grands Succes
K-Tel KF 132 (CAN) /1976
1.) Je Me Sens Bien, (2.) Dans Le Temps, (3.) Viens Avec Moi, (4.) Personne Ne Veut Mourir, (5.) C'Est Ma Chanson, (6.) Mon Amour, (7.) Chariot, (8.) Mon Homme, (9.) Va Toujours Plus Loin, (10.) Hello Dolly, (11.) Un Jeune Homme Bien, (12.) Si Tu Prenais Le Temps,(13.) Marin, (14.) C'Est Le Refrain De Ma Vie, (15.) Parlez-Moi D'Amour,(16.) Il Faut Revenir, (17.) Je Reve, (18.) La Plus Belle Histoire D'Amour, (19.) Tu Viens Quand Tu Peux, Tu Pars Quand Tu Veux, (20.) La Mer

20 Fantastic Hits
K-Tel NC 454 (CAN) /1976
(1.) Downtown, (2.) My Love, (3.) I Couldn't Live Without Your Love, (4.) A Sign Of The Times, (5.) Colour My World, (6.) What Now My Love, (7.) Who Am I, (8.) This Is My Song,(9.) For All We Know, (10.) Don't Give Up, (11.) I Know A Place, (12.) Don't Sleep In The Subway, (13.) Winchester Cathedral,(14.) American Boys, (15.) Round Every Corner, (16.) Love Me With All Your Heart,(17.) Kiss Me Goodbye, (18.) Windmills Of Your Mind, (19.) Happy Heart,(20.) Call Me
A Touch of Music, A Touch of Petula Clark
Bellaphon BLS 5517 (GER) /1976
Downtown / My Love / I Couldn't Live Without Your Love / You're the One / Don't Give Up / One in a Million. Kiss Me Goodbye / Days / This Girl in Love with You / Beautiful in the Rain / What Now My Love / Morgen. Traume, Die Niemand Verbieten Kann / Cheerio (Deutsch) / Mit Weissen Perlen / Monsieur / Alle Leute Wollen in den Himmel / Love, So Heisst Mein Sung. Happy Heart / Games People Play / The Last Waltz / Groovin' / Love Me with All Your Heart / San Francisco.
Beautiful Sounds
Pet Projects PP 2 (UK) /1976
Second of two IPCS exclusives.
(1.) I Don't Know How To Love Him, (2.) Maybe, (3.) Fancy Dancin' Man, (4.) You And I, (5.) Saturday Sunshine, (6.) Dance On,(7.) Your Way Of Life, (8.) The Song Is Love, (9.) Melody Man, (10.) Look To The Sky, (11.) Where Am I Going, (12.) Here Comes The Morning,(13.) On The Road, (14.) Love Is A Long Journey, (15.) Look At Mine, (16.) I'm Begging You, (17.) Beautiful Sounds

Available on CD     
William B. & Company
Army Reserve 74442 (US) /1976
Two 25-minute interview shows hosted by William B. Williams. Apart from the interviews with Petula (in Las Vegas) there are a number of songs lifted from various records, mainly "Live At The Royal Albert Hall". One show (number 251) was originally broadcast on 15th Feb. 1976, and the other show (number 252) was originally broadcast on 22nd Feb. 1976.


La Chanson D'Evita / Mister Disco
CBS 6065 (FR) /1977
La No flores por mi Argentina / Un Carrusel
CBS 5084 (SP) /1977
Don't Cry for Me Argentina / Mister Disco
CBS 5064 (ITA) /1977
Don't Cry For Me Argentina / A Carousel
CBS 5084 (YUGO) /1977
55 Million De Gaulois / Il Ne Chantera Plus Jamais
CBS 5896 (FR) /1977
Tracks originally intended for unreleased CBS album.
Je Reviens
CBS 81986 (FR) /1977
(1.) Je Reviens, (2.) Le Soleil Est Amoureux, (3.) Ma Verite, (4.) Si Vous Passez Pres De Rhone, (5.) Mon Piano Et Moi, (6.) La Chanson D'Evita, (7.) Suave-Moi, (8.) La Vallee, (9.) Jimmy Le Boxeur, (10.) Le Chevalier, (11.) Mister Disco, (12.) C'est Ma Destinee, (13.) Je Reviens (reprise)

Available on CD     
William B. & Company
Army Reserve (US) /1977
A double album set featuring shows 297 to 300. Petula is featured in just one of the 25 minute interviews with William B. Williams which was originally broadcast in 1977.
More Rod '77
Stanyan SR 5092 (US) /1977
Petula's 1971 recording of "Wind Of Change" is included on this Rod McKuen album. Rod wrote the lyrics and this version had not previously been available in the USA.
Un Bouquet de Succes
Vogue CV.U.304 (UK) 1977
3 disc box set with booklet.
Disc 1: Prends Mon Coeur, Baby Lover, Java Pour Petula, Tu es Ma Pluie et Mon Beau Temps, Garde ta Derniere Danse Pour Moi, With All My Heart, Marin, La Seine et La Tamise, Calcutta, Les Bougainvillees, Romeo, Ya Ya Twist.
Disc 2: Chariot, Je Chante Doucement, A London, Coeur Blesse, Les Colimacons, Downtown, Je Me Sens Bien aupres de Toi, Elle est Finie, Walter, La Nuit E'en Finit Plus, Call Me, Hello Dolly
Disc 3: C'est ma Chanson, I Know a Place, Petite Fleur, O O Sheriff, Plaza de Toros, Que Fais-tu la, Petula?, Don't Sleep in the Subway, La Gadoue, La Derniere Valse, Le Jour ou la Pluie Viendra, Un Doigt de Champagne, My Love



I'm Not in Love / What Am I Doing Here?
CBS SCBS 6103 (UK) /1978
Put A Chrysler Sunbeam In Your Life
(UK) /1978
Sunbeam automobile jingle. Petula was spokesperson for the Chrysler Sunbeam.
Put A Little Sunbeam In Your Life / Songbird
CBS SCBS 6245 (UK) /1978
The Sunbeam song was originally written as a jingle for the Sunbeam automobile for which Petula was spokesperson. The jingle proved so popular that the song was re-written and released as a single.
Just A Dance With Time / Don't Stop The Music
CBS SCBS 6781 (UK) /1978
Theme song from "The Last Tycoon."
Le Grec / Just A Dance With Time
CBS 6740 (FR)
CBS 6781 (SP) /1978
French version of the theme song from "The Last Tycoon."
CBS 82608 (UK) (UK) /1978
(1.) I'm Not In Love, (2.) Smiley, (3.) I Really Didn't Mean To Write This Song Today, (4.) When You're Gone, (5.) What Am I Doing Here, (6.) Songbird,(7.) You're My Destiny, (8.) When The Going Gets Rough, (9.) If You Leave Me Now, (10.) Put A Little Sunbeam In Your Life, (11.) Feel The Love Go Round, (12.) Put It Back Together
La nuit n'en finit plus
Disque Vogue DIA 302 (Belgium) /1978
La nuit n'en finit plus; C'est le refrain de ma vie; Ceux qui ont un coeur; L'enfant do; Je me sens bien auprès de toi; Coeur blessé; Chariot; Roméo; Elle est finie (la belle histoire); Hello Dolly; La dernière valse; C'est ma chanson


Leve-Toi Petula / L'Angleterre
CBS 7368 (FR) /1979
Canta a Paris
Vogue (SP) /1979
(Sung in French)


Rod McKuen's Turntable
Stanyan SR 5100 (US) /1980
Petula duets with Rod McKuen on one track - "Baby It's Cold Outside", not previously available, although recorded in the mid 70's.

Available on CD
Captain Beaky - Volume 2
Polydor 2383 588 (UK) /1980
An album featuring Petula, Noel Edmonds, Penelope Keith, The King Sisters, Jeremy Lloyd, Keith Mitcehll, Harry Secombe and Peter Skellern who all sing songs about animals, birds or insects. Petula is featured on two tracks:
Fred And Marguerite and The Bumble Bee
I Grandi Successi di Petula Clark
Penny Oro RPO/ST 72020 (ITA ) /1980
(1.) Chariot, (2.) Monsieur, (3.) Quelli Che Hanno Un Cuore, (4.) Melody Man, (5.) Invece No, (6.) Cara Felicita, (7.) Ciao Ciao, (8.) Il SOle Nel Cuore, (9.) La Frontiere, (10.) Pagherai, (11.) Gocce Di Mare, (12.) L'Amore E Il Vento,

20 Super Hits by Petula Clark
Teldec-Telefunken-Decca (GER) /1980
(1.) Downtown, (2.) Love Me With All Your Heart, (3.) This is My Song, (4.) what Now My Love, (5.) San Francisco, (6.) Strangers in the Night, (7.) The Girl from Ipanema, (8.) Let it Be Me, (9.) This Girl's in Love With You, (10.) I Will Follow Him, (11.) Don't Sleep in the Subway, (12.) I Could Have Danced All Night, 13. If I Only Had Time, 14. The Last Waltz, 15. Going Out of My Head, 16. Darling Cherie, 17. Kiss Me Goodbye, 18. Elusive Butterfly, 19. England Swings, 20. Cheerio

Olympia 1954 - 1979: Hommage A' Bruno Coquatrix
Vogue VG 304-4116029 (FR) /1980
A double album of Vogue artists who all performed at the famous Olympia Music Hall in Paris during the years that Bruno Coquatrix was the impressario. Petula is featured on the album singing a "live" version of "Coeur Blesse."
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