FAQ About This Website

Is this the OFFICIAL Petula Clark Website?

Yes, this is the only website authorized by Miss Petula Clark.

How come I can find different information on other websites?

This website contains only authorized information, content, and media. Information found on other sites may not be authorized, licensed or complete. PetulaClark.net is committed to bringing you only the most accurate information.

What is The IPCS?

The International Petula Clark Society is Miss Clark's only authorized fan organization. All current news and information posted on the IPCS News page has been provided by the IPCS or other official representatives of Miss Clark's.

Who operates this website?

This website is maintained by Webmaster Laurie Parsons Zenobio in association with IPCS representatives Terry Young and Bonnie Miller.

Do I need to be a member of the IPCS in order to visit the 'Members Only' page of the website?

You DO NOT need not be a member of the IPCS fan organization in order to view content on the website. However, all visitors must first register here in order to gain access to the 'Members Only' content.