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Track Listing
1. Cut Copy Me
{Sarah Naghshineh/Paul Visser/John Williams)
2. Lost in You
{Sarah Naghshineh/Paul Visser/John Williams)
3. Crazy
(Brian Burton/Thomas Callaway/Gianfranco Reverberi/Gianpiero Reverberi)
4. Never Enough
(Petula Clark/Paul Visser/John Williams)
5. Downtown (New Version)
Tony Hatch
6. Next To You
(Simon Wilcox/John Williams)
7. Reflections
(Petula Clark/James Hallawell/John Williams)
8. He Loves and She Loves
(George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin)
9. Every Word You Say
(Cozi Costi/James Hallawell/John Williams)
10. Imagine
(John Lennon)
11. Love Me Tender
(Elvis Presley/Vera Matson)
12. I Won’t Care

(Petula Clark/Grant Sturiale)


2015 IPCS Renewals
- for members in the Americas only.
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Terry and Bonnie

  • #1 IN CANADA!
    Following Sunday's Canadian interview by Michael Enrighton [CBCRadio's THE SUNDAY EDITION,] "Lost in You" shot up to
    Number ONE on the Canadian Amazon best sellers list.

IPCS 2014 Membership Renewals
[For members in the Americas only]

Grammy Museum Evening With Petula Clark
Monday, November 18, 2013
Los Angeles, California

A special report by Michael Badouin

Petula is profiled in the August edition of Life After 50

For detailed information about the LOST IN YOU recording session, be sure to read Terry Young's special feature in PETULA & COMPANY (Issue 154] -- available to all IPCS members.

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the International Petula Clark Society, click below.

John in the studio.
Q & A
with Lost in You album producer John Williams
    Q   Is the He Loves And She Loves the old Gershwin tune? If so, of all the Gershwin tunes, what was it that made her choose that one?

    A   Yes - from Funny Face movie starring Fred Astaire. She has always loved the song.

    Q   Ditto Love Me Tender. Of all the Elvis tunes, what made her select that one?

    A   She has been performing this song live recently and this another new take on the classic.

    Q   Not that anything is wrong with either of the tunes, just wonder what motivated her to pick those?

    A   We picked songs that had stories around them, Sony were keen for us to record a mix of covers and new songs. The covers mainly have anecdotes around them. Especially in the live show.

    Q   Are any of the tunes from the new album penned by her, or where she collaborated with someone else either on lyrics or tune?

    A   Never Enough, Reflections, I Won't Care. See below.

    Q   Why can't the album be released in time for Christmas to get the Christmas Sales? February 25th seems an awful long time off.

    A   Important not to get lost in the Christmas rush. Petula hasn't had a new UK studio album for a long time. We are putting a lot of set up into this release. It's coming out in time for Mothers Day,

    Q   Why are there only 12 tracks ? A double CD would have been nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A   There will be a deluxe edition later with 15 tracks. We spent a lot of time recording this album, and we were very happy with these 12. It was 4 months in the making.

    Q   Why was Hang Tight not included in the CD? The CD only has twelve tracks and even the French CD had 13.

    A   Hang Tight was recorded for the French album. It is already available.

    Q   With the success of Cut, Copy Me in Belgium could it not have a pre-album release to radio at least in the UK if not a video?

    A   Cut Copy Me- new updated, remixed version goes to radio in January 2013. There will also be club mixes. Several have already been completed including one by Ibiza maestro Severino. There will be video clips as well.

Petula Receives Major French Award

GuitarMania kicks off at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,
14-year-old cancer survivor makes art debut

We congratulate our favorite fan, Jacob Friedman, for his outstanding accomplishment

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