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Sacrifice My Heart
Single download
Out now!

Release date: 16 September, 2016

Track List
[Click on titles next to for sound bytes]
1. Sacrifice My Heart
     (Petula Clark/Sarah Naghshineh/Paul      Visser/John Owen Williams)
2. Blackbird
3. Endgame
      Petula Clark/John Owen Williams
4. Fever
     (Eddie Cooley/John Davenport)
5. From Now On
     (Petula Clark/Vincent Degiorgio/Paul      Visser/John Owen Williams)
6. While You See a Chance
     (Steve Winwood/Will Jennings)
 7. Miracle to Me
     (Petula Clark)
 8. Sincerely
     (Sarah Naghshineh/Paul Visser/John Owen Williams)
 9. Pour Etre Aime De Toi
     (Petula Clark/Charles Aznavour)
10. Never Let Go
     (Petula Clark/Stephen Large/Paul Visser/John Owen      Williams)
11. Happiness

     (Music and Lyrics: Petula Clark
     French translation: Petula Clark & Alain Boublil)




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Petula and the IPCS' own Terry Young at Drury Lane.
© Photo by Pat Fox

Paul Visser, Petula, & John Williams in front of John's studio.
Q & A
with John Williams
Fron Now On Producer
    Q   What was the first song recorded for the album? And what was the last?

    A   We started recording in earnest in September 2015 for about five or six weeks. However, Petula would often come over to my studio post Lost In You album and we would write together. Songs like From Now On, Never Let Go, and End Game started out as sketches and developed as fully blown ideas as time went by. It was a very organic evolving mechanism. I would kick start a song and layers would be applied - very much like a painter at his easel applying the colours. Petula was a presence in all of the process- both recording and mixing. End Game was the first song that was recorded- because we started that a few years ago. The last song we recorded on was Sincerely since we were still adding sounds even in the mixing process.

    Q   What were the reasons the 3 covers were chosen?

    A   Just songs that i loved and thought would suit Petula. And songs that she loved too.

    Q   Petula's try at Blackbird didn't work out in the Lost In You sessions, but what was different about this time?

    A   We never actually got past recording one guitar part when we discussed recording Blackbird for the Lost In You Session. We never even did a vocal track- as we had recorded the song in the original key - which was wrong for Petula. So we put it to one side. I had been working with a guitarist called Ben Walker who I knew would be perfect to play the guitar part. We found a better key and I recorded the track with him. Just the two of us in my studio and Petula sang it later- to the accompaniment of a real blackbird in my garden. Paul Visser added the soundscape magic.

    Q   What are the similarities and differences between this new album and Lost in You?

    A  I wanted Petula to play more piano and keyboards on this record. And I wanted her to do more backing vocals. Other than that it was the same team of Paul Visser mainly at the controls and playing a lot of the instruments, and Steve Evans at the mixing desk. The recording location was the same studio at the bottom of my garden, but Steve Evans's studio had moved to Trowbridge- where Petula and I went to mix with him. There are also more original songs and less covers than the last album. Petula was very involved in the process as she always is. She has a very keen ear and loves being part of our little team!

    Q   Will there be a video for the single?

    A   Yes -already done.

    Q   Aside from Peggy Lee being one of Petula's favorites, why was Fever chosen?

    A   Petula was reluctant to do this originally, but we put together a gutsy track and she loved it.

    Q   When did Petula write Miracle to Me? What's it about?

    A   It's a love song. You will have to ask her what it is about!

    Q   Can you give us some background to the choice of photo for the cover?

    A   It was a still from the video shoot. Everyone loved the colours and image - timeless and classic.

    The "Wendy House"
    John's garden recording studio
    © All photos courtesy of John Williams.

Petula Receives Major French Award

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